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2020 New Year Checklist- 10 Tools for success!

Start the year 2020 with a strong and bold attitude to win with these 10 success tools. Channel your mind to sheer success and program yourself such that even failure will become your friend; that even failure will become stepping stone towards your greater success.

These tools have been (and continue to be) used by those we esteem brilliant due to their captivating mind, their lucrative ideas, their awe-inspiring health and (or) their life-changing wealth. Best position yourself this coming New Year with practicing these proven tools for continued success.

  1. Redefine your Mission Statement

You don’t have a Personal Mission Statement, then do yourself an immediate favor and start right away with compiling your personal mission statement first. Such a statement enables you to put at forefront the goals you want to arrive at in life. When visited frequently, it will guide you in deciding what to say ‘yes’ and ‘no’ to and it will help you to always apply your mind and time most on things that matter the most to you.

Assuming you have already compiled your personal mission statement, this first success tool requires that you ‘redefine’ it. In other words, assess your personal mission statement with whatever changes may have occurred in your life within the year 2019 and align your goals with your current life. Do you now have a new or bigger family? Did you lose some members of your family? Is your family structure the way it was when you started the year? Ask yourself such questions in relation to every aspect of your life (e.g. family, career, finances, health, and friendships). The principles you applied when creating your mission statement most likely will be the same but because in some cases the ‘how’ to pursue your personal goals may have changed, it is strongly recommended that you revisit this area and train your subconscious mind to work with you in accomplishing your goals.

2. Learn from past mistakes

Did you start the year 2019 with a resolution you have failed to meet? Did you start the year with a good workout regime and are ending it worse than you began? What about your finances?, your travel goals? Still not married though you started the year with a wedding proposal? Great news! You are still here! J

The beauty of life is that it is faithful to grant the same lessons to us till we get them right. Life is a teacher! (Well, that is one of its many forms). Sometimes you simply won’t get it right the first time and sometimes not even the second or third or tenth…. (or more). Sometimes everyone around you will seem like they received the memo to life’s exam and you simply missed that module altogether. Sometimes even what you thought and convinced yourself was the right way of doing things will be challenged. Sometimes you simply will not get it done right. And I repeat: Great News! You are still here! J

You still have another chance; you still have another opportunity; there still is an open door for you to find and unlock; you are still alive!

So, we begin by associating positivity to failure: Failure is no reason for you to stop; instead, it is intended to show you what it is you can improve on and do differently. Failure is your friend! Take the time to make a list of all the things that didn’t go your way in the year 2019 and next to each ‘failure’, write down what you learned from it. There’s always something to learn from our mistakes (or failures”) and gathering such lessons and acting in awareness of them in future is what will make the difference.

3. Reassess your friendships

It is true that the kind of friends we spend most of our time with have a direct impact in our lives. Our friends influence our use of vocabulary (suddenly we sound like them), our moods (suddenly we are grumpy or cheerful too), our pastime (suddenly we spend more time at night clubs or reading books) and our core values (suddenly it is okay to miss an important deadline or we submit well in advance).

Of course, we can’t blame our friends for poor choices we make. We need to be accountable and take full ownership of our choices and to every consequence resulting from our choices (both good and bad). We just need to admit that they do influence us.

This is also referred to as spring cleaning your relationships. You want to ensure that all relationships you have with people who are closest to you are working for you and not against you. Your smoking friends will definitely work against your smoke-quitting goal and your athletic friends will definitely work for your gym regime goal. Weigh out the pros and cons of every relationship you have with the people that bear the most influence in your life. This will work a great deal towards you accomplishing success.

4. Be prepared

You don’t know what 2020 has in store for you? Absolutely true! You do, however, know what you aim to accomplish by the completion of the year 2020.

Do you aim to learn a new skill?, get a promotion?, start a family?, make more money?, lose 10 pounds?, marry the man of your dreams? Then remember this: All things are first created in the mind! This is a brilliant analogy explained by Dr. Stephen Covey in his book The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. He explains that we need to clearly establish the end life destination we aim to arrive at even before we start taking steps towards achieving it. Once we have clearly defined our end goals, we can create effective strategies that will ensure that we arrive at the required destination. Starting with the action before defining the end destination may ensure that we arrive at the wrong destination- just faster!

We sometimes underestimate the power we already have within us and those who achieve greatness in life are those who have mastered control of their own mind. As we prepare to start the year 2020, let us also ensure that we prepare:

  • Our mind
  • Our attitude
  • Our level of courage
  • Our determination
  • Our body, mind and soul

Start by believing that you can do it and prepare every facet of your body to achieving success.

5. Clear your mind

One of the best ways to allow your mind to work best for you is to rid it of anything that will hinder its best functioning. Imagine your mind as a factory operating a high-tech industrial plant. It needs to be well maintained, well serviced and well functioning at all times. Lack of adequacy in any area may lead to a complete shutdown of the plant.

There are several of ways to clearing your mind and for the most part, people immediately think of meditation. I absolutely recommend meditation as a way of clearing the mind and it is great to note that it doesn’t end there, there are even more ways to clear your mind without the use of meditation. You can get yourself focused on an activity you like, such as playing a musical instrument or singing; you can go for walks alone by the beach or park; you can visit a place of your favorite childhood memory; some take up spring cleaning or long jogs on a trail park. You know yourself best and it is recommended that you find mind clearing ways that you most enjoy and can continue with on a frequent basis (daily is best).

Were you ever overwhelmed in the year 2019? Ever felt a buildup of frustrating and stressful incidents or encounters? Will 2020 be any different? Well, your choices and actions will dictate that but regardless of what you choose, you will not change the unpredictable nature of life. Life will remain unpredictable. We clear our mind so that we function better amid the unpredictable nature of life. Choose your mind-clearing activity and plan to reboot your mind now and plan to continue every day.

6. Keep a personal diary

And no, this is not a feminine activity to be only used by admin clerks. A personal diary is useful for any and everybody who can write. We get basic training of using a diary in our earlier school years and this diary is one we use to record our homework and information our teachers need our parents to sign. There’s a lot more we can achieve through keeping a diary.

Keeping a diary works on improving some valuable skills like writing, grammar, spelling, memory, attention to detail, self expression, humour, mind mastery, emotional intelligence, anger management, planning, time management and depending on how you use this tool, you can transform your life.

7. Choose happiness

The keyword here is the word ‘choose’. Happiness means so many things to so many people; For some it is a result of healthy relationships; for others it is a result of wealth gained and others associate happiness with achieving an important goal.

But what happens if you’re still single and don’t seem to last in a meaningful relationship? Or what if you’re still unemployed after your 20th interview in 6 months? Or what if you failed your driver’s license again and this time also need to redo the learner’s license as it has expired?

Where is the happiness now?

This is where you choose happiness anyway. Your happiness doesn’t need to wait for perfect conditions to surround you. True happiness comes from within. When challenges come your way, learn to channel your mind to finding solutions and choose to be happy knowing that things will work out to your favor in the end.

8. Be healthy

Your life is only as good for you while you are still alive. Once the gift of life has ended, others may benefit from the legacy you left or the wealth that is now theirs to enjoy, but, for you all this would be vanity.

Your physical body is the storehouse you have for containing your emotions, your mind and soul. Without a well functioning body, your emotions, mind and soul may be negatively affected too.

Make sure to give your body the rest, exercise, hydration and cleansing it needs daily. It is never too early or too late to start. Start now.

Here are some tips to a healthier lifestyle.

Before you convince yourself on a reason why you shouldn’t start right away, consider this for a moment: A healthy lifestyle nourishes the one body you have.

9. Read an additional book

Did you read 1 book in 2019? Read 2 in 2020! Did you read 5 books in 2019? Read 10 in 2020! There lies chests of treasure in the world of reading books and we recommend you claim your portion.

In books, you can find wisdom, inspiration, advice and even failures to avoid. So many people have made their contributions to our fast growing society and books are reliable sources for those who have taken the time to share the baton of success so others can follow and succeed too.

As we anticipate achieving more in the year 2020, let us also make reading an integral part     of our lives. For those interested in self-help books, check out Good Vibes Book Club.

10. Be consistent

Everybody can be great at something (even by sheer luck)but life rewards those who are consistent at greatness.

The best athlete needs to repeat their success lest they lose such title to their opponent. Even the process of being best needs consistent practice and discipline. So start with one fragment of your life (e.g. exercise or reading etc.) and work on it consistently everyday and observe how 2020 becomes the year that marks success in your continued future.

Here’s to a prosperous 2020!


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