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7 Habits of Highly Effective People

This week we will be learning some fundamentals as shared by Dr. Stephen R. Covey. He is one of the Best International Authors and public speakers whose teachings are being discussed and taught to following generations due to their effectiveness. Many have attended a webinar or a seminar or a formal workplace training or university workshop addressing the ‘7 Habits of Highly effective People’ and that’s our chosen book for this week.

This book is particularly appealing to me because analyzing the life which Dr. Covey led; one can see that he also applied the very same habits and principles which he addresses in his book.
He was naturally athletic and proved himself in such disciplines well till he became diagnosed of a hip disorder. This new condition led him to deciding to transfer his athletic energy to academic pursuits instead.
He applied himself in his academic career such that he went on to becoming an MBA graduate in Harvard University and a Doctorate graduate in Religious Studies from Brigham Young University. We also see religious influence in his writing as he also became the President in the Irish Church Mission. A bit more about Dr. Stephen Covey’s life reveals that he truly was a great leader and one who succeeded in living a legacy we all can embrace and use to empower our lives.

The 1st Habit is Be Proactive and as we explore this habit, may we be encouraged to take self introspections and strive to eradicate traces of reactive behavior in our lives. May we apply our minds fully towards being proactive and to focus our energies on our Circle of Influence.

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Let us also share our experiences of this habit. Is it still applicable to us? I would love to hear your views

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