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Do You- Love yourself, be yourself always

When God created the heavens and the earth and all in them and when He created mankind- the crown of His creation, God made some important choices…

How would He create us in His perfect image; in a manner by which we would be able to continue to grow in wisdom, in might and in full appreciation of His presence in our lives?

He chose to create us as unique beings and He endowed upon us the power of choice. He created us such that we need each other for full happiness and love and yet we can also function perfectly well as individual beings.

So we all have the ability to make decisions on our own and we all have individual experiences of life and we all have different perceptions and views and we all are unique and different in some way or another. Though we be born on the same day, by the same parents, with short time intervals between our births; though we even look identical in every way, our fingerprints will always be different. There will always be some difference between any two people and this is how God intended it to be.

God created us different because He has a unique purpose for each of us. We, however, lose sight of this when we stop being ourselves, loving ourselves and pursuing the purpose God designed for our individual lives.

Society nowadays has created a norm such that some people become idolized and admired more than others. Youngsters grow up wanting to be like their favorite singers, dancers, sports stars, actors, religious leaders’, even parents and yet God intended that every individual work on developing themselves and reaching their fullest personal potential.

Successfully accomplishing this requires that we each take the time to understand ourselves.

What moves us? What are our talents? What legacy do we want to leave behind? Then we need to constantly work on becoming the best form of our individual ‘Us’

Learn to love who You are!

Learn to become Your best self!

Learn to explore and to contribute Your uniqueness to the world!

Learn to Do You!


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