My Bible and I

Either God’s side or Satan’s side- No Middle Ground!

There genuinely is no middle ground. It’s either we’re on God’s side or we’re not and if we’re not, we’re definitely on Satan’s side- No middle ground!

A David chooses to be on God’s side and knows to wait upon the Lord and knows that the battle is the Lords and knows that he is safest when he is on the side of the Lord. A Saul detaches from God and lands in Satan’s camp and is used by the Devil to kill God’s people.

God sometimes allows the devil to have fun and games and allows that the followers of the devil be revealed to the whole world. God’s silence has a way of revealing His won from those who have been hypocrites all along.

Yes, there comes a time where God’s true followers will be clearly visible among all man. Know and trust the God you serve. Trust that He hears your prayers and that He will bring deliverance to you At His Perfect Time.

A summary of 1 Samuel 22 is shared in the video above

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