Exploring the power of meditation

I specifically use the word ‘power’ because it appears that meditation can rekindle a certain stronger part of you which you otherwise never tap into.

It was during our routine dinner dates when my friend ‘Dee’ provoked my thoughts (as she does so frequently). ‘It totally works, hey! I’ve been practicing it for 7 years and I have seen tangible improvement in my personal life since’.
Paired up with several authors who highly encourage the frequent practice of meditation, I saw Dee’s statement as a strong universal message for me to finally try meditation.

Try? Well, yeah, Try… The first time I practiced meditation was several years ago and I simply couldn’t concentrate and my mind was wandering… So, I convinced myself that I would try it and this time make use of advice from someone who I meet daily and who has enough experience for me to consider her a mentor.

‘I’m doing it Dee!, the meditation thing, I’m doing it!”, I suddenly said. ‘Sure, great idea!’, said Dee and now a week later I still am trying to get myself into a habit of actually practicing meditation daily, as re-inspired by Dee.
I have taken a 29- Day Meditation challenge and on the 31st of October, I will know if it is working for me this time round.

Hint,hint- be on the lookout for how the 29- Day experience was like for me when it ends

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