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Fail hard!… an important step towards success..

Like a baby who needs to fall several times before gaining enough strength and skill to walk; don’t stop at falling. Don’t stop at failure! Let failure become a stepping stone to your success.

A baby doesn’t know when the next fall will come nor when they will eventually walk upright and proper ,like everyone around them who seem to have figured this out so well. Furthermore, judging from how even the falling can easily be laughed at and turned to something fun, a baby doesn’t seem to be bothered by just how many times they fall. Instead, a baby will crawl, get up, take a step, fall, hold on to something, get up, take another step, fall and continue with this (in moderation) everyday till one day they take a couple more steps and then let go of holding on to something and ultimately even running!

One of the first lessons we learn in life is that we need to keep going and trying consistently again and again till we get things done right!

This lesson remains still applicable and relevant to us even when we comfortably have been walking and running for years. This lesson is one that needs to be applied in every arena of our lives. We need to embrace failure and not allow it to hinder us from achieving our dreams. Failure is intended to help us reflect on steps we have taken and see how we can adjust and improve.

One of the benefits of failure that stands out for me is how, when we don’t stop at failure, we can be mentors to other people who may be challenged by what we have overcome. So learn from failure. Learn how to overcome and someday, someone will look up to you. Someday overcoming your failure will make you someone’s hero.


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    October 27, 2019 at 12:33 pm

    This message came when I needed to hear it… thank you. 🙂

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      October 27, 2019 at 12:36 pm

      Absolutely… a pleasant reminder for you to start acting right 🙂

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