My Bible and I

Fear should not drive your actions

Fear is an emotion that results from an anticipation of danger, pain, loss, failure and anything out of our comfort zone. Fear projects a futuristic outcome based on a current or past life situation.

But, is such a projection always true? Do we actually know what lies ahead in future? Is our future guaranteed? Can we add to our lives by worrying what the future holds? Why not turn to the Giver of life?

God is bigger than all our fears. Nothing is impossible with God, God is limitless and He is faithful to never leave nor forsake us. When His people turn to Him earnestly and wholeheartedly, God is faithful to always listen and come to our aid.

With God on our side, we have no reason to fear. Lead a fearless life through Christ giving you strength.

A summary of 1 Samuel 21 is shared in the video above

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