My Bible and I

Morning Devotion

We all have our value system. We all have something we do because of what we have been taught is important in life. Mine boils down to living my life in an appreciation of all the good that God has done for me. I thus am very appreciative about my life, my parents, my achievements and even my failures in life as I have learned that God orchestrates my life and some things He allows in my life with intention to prune me, groom me, equip me and for all that is best in fulfilling the purpose that He has created and intended for my life.
I thus have taken it as a habit to start my day by thanking and praising God for the gift of life each day and by laying all my plans for each day at His feet. I start my day with receiving a new message which God has prepared to share with me through His Word.
Join me in a daily sharing of a devotional message for each day. May you all be blessed as you pursue each day in the most productive and worthwhile manner possible.

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