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Keep your eyes on the prize. Focus on your life goals.

Take a moment once so often to see where your eyes are looking; for life has a funny way of leading us to where we constantly are looking at.

Are your eyes on what you did wrong yesterday? On what you did best yesterday? Or on what you wished you knew yesterday?

Are your eyes fixated on any part of your yesterday?

Then it’s urgent need for a change in eye-sight direction dear friend!

When your eyes are looking at your past, then your head moves towards your past and your feet walk towards your past and then no matter how much speed and endurance and might you exert towards your future, you will be headed backwards everytime; you will be headed to exactly the point where you started; from exactly where you are working so hard to move away from.

So it starts with your eyes!

This thing with the eyes is also very important because even if your eyes are staring at your goals with absolutely No Interference, sometimes, you may still miss your goal if you fail to acknowledge that what you see is actually what you have been looking for all along.

The sad reality of life is that some people will walk right past the very goal they have been working so hard to achieve and will say they ‘didn’t see it’… Heck, some people have already reached their goal and still claim to be ‘working towards it’… We may see the same thing at exactly the same time but decide to interpret it in totally different ways.

Ask yourself, is your glass half empty or half full? Does it even matter to you? Is it just a glass anyway?

Knowing our prize makes the difference! Ensuring our goals are crystal clear and believable to us is key…

After all, you can’t focus your eyes on something that doesn’t appeal to you right? Something that doesn’t move you right?

So attaching great value and worth to your prize, that makes a difference!

Wake to your prize in the mornings; Sleep to your prize in the evenings; Think of your prize during the day; and work! Work towards your prize at every moment of the day!

Is your prize big enough to excite you? Is your prize meaningful enough to satisfy you?

Your prize needs to be big! Your prize needs to thrill you! Your prize needs to bring shivers down your spine! Heck, the more your prize frightens and overwhelms you, the better!

Never limit your capabilities to achieving your goals! If it moves you and if every part of your being truly believes it’s your goal, then let Nothing and No one ever keep you from achieving your goals. Keep your eyes on your goals.


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