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Life Lesson: Some life battles are yours- Alone

I used to be angry and disappointed at people for ‘not supporting me’, well, not the way I expected them to;  used to feel that they say words they don’t even mean because they haven’t taken the time to understand; I used to demand attention and sympathy for everything that went wrong in my life;

Till I learned that My life will provide battles which can only be undertaken by me- Alone!

Yes, not even your spouse, parent or best friend can help with facing these personal battles.

God will be always there for you and I mean at every step of the way but you know, there are some things which even God allows to be faced by just you- Alone!

When we say, I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me (Phil. 4:13) ,I have learned that Christ will definitely give strength and that I still am the one who needs to ‘do’.

When Abraham was tested, there was a role which God left to be played solely by him. He is referred to as the Father of all believers and this is not merely because God believed in his capabilities, but because he expressed his faith- something he had to do alone!

When Job’s uprightness was tested, there was a role which God left to be played solely by him. He passed the test and this was not because God became loyal and faithful on his behalf but because he displayed beyond unquestionable doubt that he values his faithfulness to God more than any treasures on earth. He remained loyal- something he had to do alone!

When Joseph was seduced by Potiphar’s wife, there was a role which God needed to be played by him. He fled not through God dragging him out forcefully but through choices he took- something he needed to do alone.

Enduring discomfort, pain, sorrow; living according to Divine principles; choosing good over evil etc. these are some of the things which God will give us the strength to do and yet, which we need to do by ourselves.

Some battles are there for us because God understands that the process of overcoming them will unleash a strength He has already given us to overcome.

God knows what the future will hold for each and every one of us and He knows the tools necessary for us to accomplish our purposes.

The beauty of it all is that He has already given us all we need to become our greatest.

It is up to us to learn to allow that even our battles groom us and makes us stronger. Therefore, fight courageously!! You have what it takes! That battle is yours- Alone!


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